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    Why Gold is the New Black for Weddings in 2016

    by 20150704-Erin-and-Anthony-Lago-Giuseppe-Wedding-Photographer-2277-copyRikki Rylance, Assistant Coordinator

    My mama always swore that I should keep things, that they would come back in style, yes bell-bottoms, floral silk kimonos, and Reebok’s have all been granted their 9th life. And well gold is back too; in a big way! Gold is the most popular color for the wedding season. And it’s no mystery why. Jacob from Color-Meanings.com wrote that gold symbolizes wealth and luminosity, and “it is a positive and uplifting color” and frankly why wouldn’t you want to drape your wedding in the color that winners wear around their neck?

    We consider gold to be a neutral, this timeless classic element can easily be given new found life by adding trendy colors such as turquoise, blush, coral, or ivory. Clemmie Robinson wrote for PlanYourPerfectWedding.com that metals are are on trend for 2016. “Metallics are going to be huge on the wedding scene over the next few months, creeping in everywhere from stationery and jewelry, to head pieces and even shimmering wedding cakes…with sequins and rose gold also set to play a heavy part in bridal party accessories as the color palette of the moment.” Using antique gold frames to showcase family pictures, showing your guest where you came from and who you both are as a couple would be a fun way to incorporate this color.

    Additional Tips: spray paint mason jars gold or have your bridesmaids dress in shades of gold. Give your accessories the golden touch or request that a tier of your wedding cake is glittery and gold! Everything is better in gold!

    Photo credit: Bluephoto Wedding Photography

    Rikki Rylance is the Event Assistant  with CJN Event Planning. CJN Event Planning can be reached by calling (805) 462-9106. 

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