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    Tips for Your Wedding Day Photography

    Jen and Tim Wedding038By Amy Wellenkamp

    Over the past seven years, I have had the chance to talk to many engaged couples.  Recently, I decided to reach out to married couples and ask them to give advice to others when it comes to wedding day photographs.  Basically, what did you wish your photographer would have told you or helped you with on your wedding day?  I received many helpful tips and am excited to share the top five:

    Top Five Tips for Wedding Day Photography

    1. Designate a time for the mother of the bride and bride after she slips into her dress. So they can savor the moment. (great idea, the dads get their time waiting to walk their daughter down the aisle so mom needs a moment too!)
    2. Have the photographer remind the bride to reapply lipstick/gloss throughout the day and night.
    3. I wish I would have given my photographer ideas for poses etc, that I liked before the wedding (send them a Pinterest board, hint. hint)Jen and Tim Wedding013
    4. Tell your photographer what you do/don’t like about yourself in a photo (i.e. I tend to squish my neck down and get a double chin when I smile, please remind me to lift my chin a bit).
    5. #1 feedback: I regret not hiring the photographer I really wanted and cutting my budget in this area (seriously…the top response!)

    This topic brings up another question that I am often asked: to see or not to see.  What are the pros and cons of not seeing each other before the wedding?


    Pros and Cons of Not Seeing Each Jen and Tim Wedding035Other Before the Wedding

    1. I set up an intimate, super cool setting for you to first see each other (it’s not like you just walk up to each other and say “hey” and then we start taking photos).
    2. You get those first emotions out of the way (yes, there will be more emotions when you walk down the aisle, don’t worry).
    3. We will have the opportunity to take more photos than without the first look (and they are more broken up into segments, creating even better photos of the two of you with breaks in-between).
    4. You will have the chance to participate in part of your cocktail hour.
    5. Getting to see each other for the first time in an intimate setting rather than in front of 150 + people.

    1. The lighting might not be the best at your venue earlier in the day.
    2. You will not be able to attend any part of your cocktail hour.
    3. Your photos will be taken in a larger grouping and not split up as much.
    4. You will need to be ready earlier, about 45 minutes to an hour.
    5. It is recommended to add an extra hour to your photography package so your reception photos are not cut short.

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    Bio: About Amy Wellenkamp Photography: Your day…your story…your style. Creative and inspired wedding photography. With lots of creative planning, a fun and personalized engagement session, and two or more photographers on your day, we will create lasting memories of your wedding…with your unique style.

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