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    Becoming A Member

    Application Process

    1. Contact our New Membership Director by e-mailing HERE.
    2. Then, your business name will be presented to the board at the next board meeting, where they will research your business over the following month. After this vetting period the board will vote to invite you to proceed with the application process.
    3. Once you have been invited to join the group from the Board, you are invited to enjoy all the benefits of membership including lunch meetings, industry nights, Wired Wednesdays and all other CCWP events. As a guest, you may hand out business cards upon request, but you may not hand out unsolicited promotional materials.
    4. When you have been invited to apply, provide the following required paperwork to the Membership Director.
      1. Completed New Membership Form (Not prior to invitation)
      2. Verification that your company has been in business locally for at least 2 years at the time of new membership. Provide business licenses and any additional licensing required by your profession (health, transportation, etc.). Proper licensing shall consist of business license/permit or equivalent government form.
      3. Four (4) letters of reference, including either phone or email contact information. The letters must be from satisfied couples whose wedding you were involved with within the last twelve (12) months.
      4. Three (3) letters of reference from other wedding professionals who have worked with you at a wedding. At least one (1) letter must be from a current CCWP member.
      5. All applicable membership fees payable via check or credit card. (see Membership Application form)
      1. Please prepare a five (5) minute presentation of your business (may include portfolio or other visual/audio aids to help explain your business. Supply equipment as needed.)
      2. Be prepared to answer questions from the board.
      3. Please bring about a dozen business cards to pass out to the board members.The board of directors will review your application packet. When your application is complete the Membership Director will contact you to arrange a presentation of your business to the board. 
    5. Following your presentation the board will make a final decision about your membership and you will be contacted by the CCWP Membership Director with their decision.

    Membership Application

    **Please do NOT fill out the Membership Application until instructed to do so by the New Membership Director. You may contact the New Membership Director by e-mailing Here !