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    A San Luis Obispo Garden Wedding

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    There is something truly magical about a garden wedding. Cathy and Matt recently tied the knot in a quaint garden wedding in San Luis Obispo and the day was captured by CCWP Photographer,  Amy Wellenkamp Photography.

    Amy Wellenkamp’s sentiments to the newly married couple:

    Congratulations Cathy and Matt, you two are so sweet toward each other and you care for your friends and family with such love. Your day was simply magical. So happy for you!

    There are times when photographs are able to do the talking and this is one of those times. Amy Wellenkamp did an amazing job of capturing the sweetness of Cathy and Matt’s love. It looks like the stars aligned and a magical day was had by all. From all of us at CCWP, we wish you both a life of love, happiness and memories.

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